Back to the Garden, and Yahrzeit

Before I get too preoccupied with cooking and baking, a quick review of yesterday.

I brought over more herbs and the latest flat of salad greens to their respective locations.  Then I direct-sowed some collards in the veg garden.  I weeded the peas, then did some more cleanup of the future herb beds.  Lastly, I took some flower photos.

I met a wonderful gentle giant pit/Amer. bulldog mix, Jean, walking his girl out front.  A totally friendly teddy bear as is typical of those breeds.  I got my doggy-fix, and it made my day.  It doesn’t take much.

I lit a yahrzeit memorial candle for my father, who died this month in 2010.  It’s the first one I’ve lit in STL, at Avdi’s.

It rained hard overnight, and now it’s a beautiful spring day outside my window.

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