The Hideous Horror from Hell, or, The Masque of the Red Death

The last few days have been surreal and not pretty.  As if I didn’t have afflictions enough, the final day of my antibiotic meds I woke up covered in a hideous, itchy rash from head to almost foot.  Yes, a new, different rash.  Nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

The next 24 hours are just a blur of wrestling with my bed in utter discomfort.  Not to exaggerate.  I’d hoped I could ride it out and not ask for help.  I was wrong.

So yesterday Avdi was kind enough to take time-a lot of time-out of his busy schedule to get me to the Total Access Urgent Care, the next most convenient place when the first Dr. appointment I could get was for late May.  This involved getting on the queue, which turned out to take all day, and spend much of it lying down at Avdi’s, since they don’t let you in until your turn gets close.  I know it had to inconvenience Avdi, but as always he was very gracious about it, and worked around me.

Finally, hours later, I got in to see someone, and then more hours while various personnel got around to examining and treating me.  Again, a mystery, but it could be a delayed allergic reaction to the sulfa drugs (IKR?  Avdi and I were like, do they actually still have those?  Weren’t they from back when I was a little cave person and that’s all they had?)  Lesson learned.  So they gave me another steroid shot in the butt, and a prednisone prescription (more steroid).  This time I was sentient enough to fill it at CVS for free, with my insurance.   What seemed like days later, Avdi finally dropped me home.

I got basically no sleep again last night, tossing and turning in discomfort, and that’s before starting the med, so I finally just got up and read.  Just now I ate and took my first dose, which is supposed to turn me into The Great Cornholio, with more insomnia.  If it takes away this Plague, I’ll be glad to go sleepless a few more nights.

Forgive the inexcusable symptom-spewing, something I despise and avoid in other oldsters!  Since you, my long-suffering 2.5 readership, have probably moved on by now, this is still basically just a forum for me to journal (talk to myself in “legit” form).  The scintillating diary of dying, woo.  It truly is a bitch.  But not as bad as the real deal, so they say.

In better news, look what finally bloomed while I was MIA–my orchid!  And look at these hydro- babies!  I think they’re reaching the “Period Of Prosperous”!  Soon I’ll start to pot them and start new seedlings of my harder-to-grow herbs.

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