An Off Day Off

Today at my apartment was a really “off” day.  Let’s’ just say I was thankful for a day to just sleep and not much else.  I couldn’t eat much.  I definitely couldn’t exercise.  The best I can do is recover somewhat for Avdi’s tomorrow night.  Obviously nothing interesting to report; just thought I’d check in.

Oddly, I did get to socialize by phone with someone unexpectedly–our old (Black) housekeeper Barbara, who helped raise us in NJ.  I hadn’t known if she was alive or dead; turns out quite alive, and lively at 86.  We talked and caught up for a while.  She still loves our family, and tries to keep in touch with whoever’s left, but we had fallen out of touch.  Seeing her positivity, it helped put my minor discomfort in perspective.  So that happened.

At least my “greenies” are healthy–maybe a little too healthy!  I go away for a few days, and look what happens–a salad bar!  Pretty soon they too will be leaving the nest.






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