Green Reunion

I’m over at Avdi’s for the night.  The green babies down in the “lab” are gangbusters!  Nay, gangbangers!  Like mini-trees busting through the roof.

Outside in the warm drizzle, I was thrilled to see the masses of Va. bluebell plants, some just starting to bud out.  They’re one of my favorites.  And all the crocuses I planted are showing, yellow, purple, and white.  When the many drifts of spring bulb flowers start blooming for real, it’s going to be spectacular.

In the veg garden, all the peas (pictured) and spinach are showing their heads.  So all that lifted my spirits a little, after being secluded in my apartment for a week.

Avdi made a nice vegan Indian dal (tur dal) with sweet potatoes and swiss chard, and basmati rice, and I ate a little while watching our Expanse episode.

This time I brought my laptop with me, so I can write whenever I feel like it, and feel more connected.  It’s going to be very quiet after they leave tomorrow, but I’m sure the Percy Person and I will have lots to discuss on the subject of salad.  And there’s a house full of books, plus a bed.  What more could I need?  In the unlikely event I feel much better, there’s plenty of garden cleanup to do.

Well, I guess I’ll sign out for this evening, and see how I feel in the morning.  The human contact did some good, while it lasts.


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