The Other Shoe Drops

It takes finding out your mother collapsed and went to the hospital, and will probably be eligible for hospice, to keep my small discomforts in perspective.

Of course it was only a matter of time ’til the other shoe dropped, but this may be it.  Her sole caregiver, my other brother Andrew, inconveniently fell on ice and broke his ankle, so he’s pretty much incapacitated while having to deal with this crisis.  My brother Robert can’t travel for medical reasons, so he feels helpless at a distance.   And I have no idea how I would get there, and how I could help.  Hopefully it will become clear as events unfold.  So, not a lot of sleep again last night.

I know, cheery, huh?  Talking about me seems so petty and whiny right now.  So I’ll stop for now.  Happy almost spring.  Here’s an upbeat erev Shabbat scene.


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