Evil Green Jello Monster

So, change of plan…I’m going to spend the night at Avdi’s, but then he and K. will be traveling out of town for days, and I get to Percy-sit!  And plant-sit.  And just mostly sit, or lie down, the way I’m feeling right now.  No routine Shabbat this week.  Since I seem to have lost my appetite anyway, that works.

I know this is how it begins, if you let it.  You turn [x] age, feel like crap a lot, let yourself go and deteriorate, and atrophy sets in.  I refuse to give in to this, or go out like that.  I fight it with every breath.  Now that I’m finally free to be here for my family and experience new things, I’m not going to just crap out and turn into a jello mold.  It’s so easy to fall into.

Be that as it may, I lack energy to do laps today; I walked once around the building and that was it for me.  And food is unappealing right now.  All my habits seem to be temporarily on hold, but I’ll get back to it, once this mystery plague runs its course.  I will resist the urge to lounge!  No evil green jello is going to assimilate me!



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