Tiny Human, Big Hugs

This week has been somewhat surreal.  Sleep has been hit or miss, mostly missing.  I seem to have lost my appetite.  The medical issue is just sticking around, possibly responding to treatment, too soon to tell.  Other than that, it will be good to get back into the swing of things.

To practice, I did a few laps, including one outside, where I haven’t gone for a week (not counting the clinic).  Some flowers were blooming amongst the weeds, and some invasive bushes are leafing out.  I feel so disconnected.  As I was about to go back in my apartment, an adorable tiny toddler came running down the hall from another apartment and enthusiastically hugged me, multiple times!  Her name was Hunter, and her Mom retrieved her, and I got to greet some nice humans.

I’m trying to avoid any more stupid business drama with insurance drones, and just let them sort it out, so I can get on with finding a dentist who takes my dental plan and pick up where my construction project left off a year ago.  I’m fortunate to have good insurance, being old, but sometimes its administrators can make it so complicated to take advantage of.  I’m sure this BS too shall poop itself out.

Really, I’ve got nothing to report.  The solitary seclusion is not a big deal, especially after the COVID quarantine, but it does get old.  I didn’t even know what it was like outside.  Very disconnecting.

I’m hoping to go over Avdi’s tomorrow and spend the night, and get back on track with Shabbat.  I’m thinking Irish stout chicken (Jewish St. Patrick’s Day?), but not green.  I know he’s been having a rough time with work and stress, so I hope to mitigate some of his load at least.

Here’s a not-very-accurate rendition of my little encounter.




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