The Quagmire of Dental Insurance Drones

On inadequate sleep I made the unwise decision to try to take care of some dental coverage business online and by phone.  I need the dental part of my plan to reflect my current plan, not just the old expired one, so a dentist (if they accept my dental plan) can see I’m covered.

Hours later, I’m so frustrated and exhausted trying to get a sentient being to understand I just need them to update my plan to the correct one in MO, not OH.  The website doesn’t even function half the time, and when it does, there’s no way to edit my info or get them to do it accurately.  I did all the things the tech support (?) told me, at least the actions that were actually available on the site, but it’s just a vicious loop to nowhere.  I think I was as straightforward and rational as I could be, but in the end, I just gave up.

So it’s back to going down my list of supposedly covered dentists to find one that actually is–there seems to be some confusion at front desks, or the covered dentists moved on elsewhere, or only one of the dentists in the group takes my coverage, but not the one qualified to do my advanced procedures, and so on and so forth.  I’m too tired after dealing with lower life forms to deal with it.  Maybe tomorrow, after less sleep deprivation?

Also, I forgot to eat while waiting all day on holds or trying to explain a simple concept and getting non-applicable responses.  So maybe eating would be a workable plan (unlike some)!

On that lightheaded note, I’m done with business for the day.  If you even made it this far, thanks for listening.  I’ve found most dilemmas eventually sort themselves out if you walk away for a bit.  Sleep on it, if I can!  I leave you with this pertinent illustration.



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