Sleepless in STL

Continuing the insomnia theme, I’ve been awake much of the night and morning, so here I am again.  Not a lot has happened overnight, other than tossing, reading, doing online business, taking my meds–exciting stuff!  Normally I’d have spent the night at Avdi’s with K.  It’s like another mini-quarantine over here.  Surreal, but needed.

But I’m relieved I went to the clinic–even if they charged me $30.00(!) for the prescription that would have been only a few dollars if submitted to my insurance, which they don’t do.  The visit itself was charged as a specialist, so $25.00 instead of $0.00.  Still, not bad for the convenience and expediting, but not something I could afford on a regular basis.  It’s already eaten into my small food/saving/etc. budget for the month.  And that’s just for a minor exam/treatment.  I can’t make a habit of contracting mysterious plagues!

Here’s a selfie!  The real selfie would be too hideous to publish.




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