A Shot in the Butt

I was so out of it today, with this mystery plague, that I didn’t write, but I did get to an urgent care clinic, thanks to my son.  They shot me up with steroids (guess where?) and gave me antibiotics to take, but no one really knows for sure what it is!  The good news is, it may not be the hideous chronic disease it appeared to be at first glance.  And that’s all I want to say about that.

I also got myself a Primary Care Physician, finally, though the first opening they had is the end of May!  Maybe I’ll live long enough to get to a doctor!  I think I exaggerate.  Next up, finding a dentist, which appointment may take until the end of the year, from what I’ve seen of dentists lately.  But at least I’ll have that to live for!?

I haven’t exercised for days, because I’ve mostly been in bed.  Maybe that’s why I suddenly can’t sleep and decided to catch up on my writing.  What with the time change, night is day and day is night, all topsy-turvy.  It feels surreal.  And on that note, here’s your post and a charming photo illustration!  And…now it’s tomorrow.


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