Under the Stairs and Under the Weather

My posts seem to be fewer and farther between lately, as I have more stuff going on and less opportunity to write.  I can’t even remember all the things.

Thursday Avdi and I did grocery shopping, and I brought him the latest flat of salad seedlings for his lab.  I also set up an additional flat, this time of cucumbers, watermelons, and asparagus.  The tomato seedlings look like actual tomatoes!  It’s looking very lab-like down there under the stairs.  Meanwhile, lots of veg seedlings and spring flowers are coming up outdoors, after all the rain.

I spent the night, then worked on Shabbat dinner and Challah.  The chicken (as per A’s suggestion) was buffalo/BBQ this time, accompanied by salad and roasted potatoes.  The Challah was fluffier than ever.  K. seems to like my cooking, which is a compliment.

I haven’t been feeling at my best, so I went home and slept like 12 hours!  I got to see Avdi and Jess at CRC live-streaming.  In the short couple of days I was away, my latest flat of salad greens and herbs had already sprouted!  It’s obviously feeling better than I do!  I must be doing something right!

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