RRR (RiseRoarRevolt) just gets better each time, but especially on the big movie screen with all the powerful sound effects.  I haven’t been to a movie theater in decades, so that was fun.  Avdi, Jess and I almost had the room to ourselves on a weekday night; also, the seats were adjustable and comfy, which definitely helps for a 3+ hour saga (they skipped the interval).

This epic Telugu superhero fantasy is set in 1920s India under evil British rule, but that only begins to describe this gorgeous, fun spectacle.  The incredible choreography and fantastical special effects alone are worth seeing.  Some scenes could be straight out of a comic book ‘gita.  Director Rajamouli and the two lead actors are brilliant.  And, they assure us, no computer-generated animals, of which there were many, were harmed!

I’ll spare you from another selfie (since I didn’t take one) and keep the focus on the subject.  Sorry for the poor quality.

Not much else to report…I planted some more lettuce, greens, and herbs in flats.  The previous round is doing nicely and will go to Avdi’s underground lab tomorrow.  I forgot to mention the radishes, peas, and spinach have started to come up in the veg garden.  A systematic garden bed cleanup, in preparation for planting more stuff outside, will be next on the agenda.  Today I’m just at home on a “day off”.



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