My First Drag Megillah-Time

Maxi Glamour reading the Purim Megillah to our synagogue, our Rabbis all in drag, people in costumes drinking (I had absinthe), dancing to David Bowie –what can I say, it was fabulous and hilarious, especially Maxi’s version of the Megillah story, and Rabbi Daniel totally in drag, waving his booze bottle around!  I personally got to meet Maxi, a very talented artist, musician, activist, etc., and do a little photo shoot with them and Avdi!  Their costume was gorgeous, all handmade.  (They told me their pronouns.)


I feel so fortunate to be able to go to a synagogue that is so progressive and inclusive, also with a sense of humor!  And have it be the scene of my first experience (yes, somehow I was a drag virgin).  I’m thankful that Avdi, though not feeling his best, wanted to go and take me, and even helped with my outfit.  I’m lucky and proud.

Wow.  Anything else I write will sound so mundane!  I planted the rest of the root crops–beets, turnips, parsnips, and rutabagas, also leeks.  The bulb flowers are really gearing up.  I did some prep work for planting more indoor flats.  Avdi and K. really enjoyed the hamantaschen I baked.  I spent the night, then came home and did some more prep for the next wave of germination.  Tonight Avdi, Jess, K., and I are going to get to see RRR in its return to theaters!  I can’t wait.  Also another excuse to dress accordingly.  It seems to be my latest phase.

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