My Birthday Sugar Rush

Did I mention it’s my birthday?  So cut me some slack!

I did my 5 laps this morning, and did walk around some grocery stores with Avdi, then promptly (and appropriately) offset the health benefits by sitting at Cyrano’s pleasant patio and consuming a giant piece of decadent chocolate cake with ganache icing (with a sparkler in it), cappuccino ice cream, whipped cream, and a Bailey’s latté, also helping Avdi out with his even huger “world’s fair eclair” filled with ice cream and smothered in a mountain of whipped cream.  Sadly, I had to bring some home to finish later!

Earlier, Avdi made this beautiful, delicious Italian bread in the bread machine, which we sampled.  It will go nicely with pasta in his homemade marinara sauce.

Also earlier, unknowingly on the same theme, I had baked these baby Italian eggplants with Greek herbs and cheese, to eat later on (to offset the sugar rush)!  Like minds…

I’m even going to allow another selfie of my birthday self (with my hydroponics lab from The Bobs), because this has been the nicest birthday ever, thanks to my family, so I’m feeling generous.  Happy Birthday to me.

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