All Partied Out

It must have been all that partying yesterday (i.e. less than a whole piece of cake, some ice cream, whipped cream, and one coffee drink).  Today I feel a little under the weather again.  Or maybe just feeling my extreme age!!  So you’ll excuse me if I don’t seem too enthusiastic about my habits today.  I did manage 5 laps (blah), a little food (bleh), no socialization other than passing a delivery guy in the hall, and the rest you know.  At least I tried.

I did freeze a bunch of food this morning–my freezer is packed to the gills, for which I’m thankful.  My pantry is now pretty well stocked, also something to be grateful for.  I even splurged on a couple of non-essential items (since it was my birthday), something I never take for granted.  It’s a privilege to be able to do even mundane grocery shopping with my son.

Here are some animals to demonstrate how I’m feeling right now.  Hopefully I’ll bounce back tomorrow.



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