Propagatrix and Son

It’s not skipping a day if I was busy at Avdi’s fulfilling alternate versions of my habits, right?

I slept over Thursday night, and Friday we went grocery shopping, then we began our garden propagation project for this spring–a big STL first for us!  Avdi set up the heat mats and grow lights, and we both made up a flat of peat pots with seed starter mix and watered it in.  Then we picked out all the bell and Mex peppers he wanted to grow, almost a dozen kinds, and planted them, topped them off, and sprayed with water.  He covered the flat with a lid and placed it under timed lights.  It was our first of many more, and we had fun doing it together.

Then Avdi got to work in the office with Jess, and I got to making challah, and later the meal, which was Cajun chicken, red beans (mirepoix, etc.), and rice.  We were unanimous, it all came out very well.  I also did more organizing and cleaning in the kitchen and around the house.

I definitely got my exercise.  Cooking goes without saying–it was a healthy, balanced, fun meal.  Meditation…does Erev Shabbat count?  I think the prop project counts, as well!  Reading–check.  Writing–I’m making up for two days now. (It’s hard to write a blogpost on my phone.)  Socializing–got it with the extended family, and we talked about ways I could meet some new people.

Here is a melting snowperson by K.

Today I’m off to a field trip with Avdi…stay tuned for where we end up!


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