Second Nature

Only Day 4 of “6 Habits”, but it seems to be going well.  What drives it is the having to write each day, because I have to be able to report on the other five, if nothing else!

Exercise: I did 7 laps today.  Working up to whatever I can handle, divided up if necessary.

Cooking: I have leftover green veggies I sautéd yesterday, so I’ll incorporate them into a balanced meal.

Meditation: This morning I turned on Indian ragas, burned incense, sat on the floor looking at plants for a minute or two, and thought gardeny thoughts.  I realized the closest I used to come to meditation was while gardening or interacting with wildlife, so this spring should help.  I don’t have accessible prairies, wetlands, and forests here, so that’s out.  In fact, growing things and nature don’t seem to be a significant part of people’s lives here, which is so perplexing to me.  For me it’s as essential as water and air.

Reading: I’m thinking I need to add on a different or additional habit here, because reading is what I already do daily.  Like nature, it goes without saying.  It’s second nature!  I don’t suppose anyone out there (of my 2.5 readership) has any suggestions?

Writing: Self-explanatory.  It’s what keeps me honest.  It may be the most pivotal one for me.  Instead of a chore, I have to creatively de-block my mind each day.

Socializing: Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be at Avdi’s, if that counts.  I try to connect with new contacts online, but most people are busy having a life.  I won’t give up until someone bites!  (Hopefully not literally.)





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