Slushed In

That was the most pathetic “snow storm” ever!  The inch or two is already melting.  Meanwhile, I’m in my apartment planning Avdi’s garden.  Soon we’ll start his propagation station in the laundry room.  Today I planted a few more things in mine.  January is the new February, here in STL.

In 6 habits news:

Exercise: I did 6 “laps”.  I don’t mind it really; it’s a circuit, including up and down steps, so it accomplishes what I need to get my heart pumping and systems working more efficiently, without much discomfort.

Cooking: That guinea pig mix I made wasn’t my best idea ever, so I need to work on enjoyable balanced meals incorporating more fiber.  Also it’s hard to eat when my digestion doesn’t seem to work right.

Meditating: I made another stab at it this morning–it’s so hard for me to just sit and empty my mind and not jump up to do things.  It feels like an entitled privileged person’s conceit, not an essential daily habit.  (Too much time in Ohio with blue collar mentality.)

Reading: Seems like cheating, it’s so much a part of my routine already.  Coincidentally, Scalzi (whom I’m reading right now) just won the prestigious Heinlein Award.  I’m so proud, in a second-hand capacity.

Writing: Need I say more?  I’m making a point to write something every day, even if it’s only about the weather and my boring habit plan.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never write a book at this point, being realistic.

Socializing: Still a challenging one, since I know so few people here, and have no car.  I talk to people online everyday, but mostly just casually.  People on social media don’t have the time or inclination to engage more meaningfully.  Some of my older friends on FB are actually dead.  I need to diversify!  I’m hoping this spring I’ll be able to make more connections.  Until then, my little (extended) family here, soon to double, is perfectly adequate.

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