A Long Cold Week

It’s been a long, cold week.  Spectrum internet was down across the country for days, so I couldn’t access this site or even watch videos.  The family is either out of town or doing their thing for xmas, which is fine.  I don’t mind the solitude, and I got a lot of reading done!  No way you could get me out in that arctic.  The historical record deep freeze was alarming, not so much for me with my power still on, thankfully, but  for millions of people without power, causing many deaths due to extreme cold and wind chills way below zero.  The snow here was minimal, but in other states the blizzards also set new records.  I worried about those poor technicians out getting frostbite or hypothermia restoring internet, so others could work, or just resume the convenience of streaming games or shows for xmas weekend.  Internet connection is one more thing I will never take for granted again.

Meanwhile, I spent Chanukah happily hibernating.  I felt sorry for all the people having to be out rushing around in the freezing cold, gearing up for their holiday.  Xmas is a non-event for many of us, so I’m just as happy to let it pass uneventfully and get on with life.  However, Jess wouldn’t hear of it, and finally persuaded me resistance was futile, and got me to spend a pleasant, quiet day with her family.  They even gave me generous and thoughtful gifts.  Eric was cooking up his usual delicious storm, in this case perfect homemade cinnamon buns, and later excellent gnocchi.  There were fine wines to drink, and a really good scotch to be opened and tested.  There were cats to be played with!  Little Pixie even came out and joined Odin and me much of the day.  And there was the Jigsaw Puzzle From Hell!  Who can forget it!

Jess gave me a more thorough tour of Narnia, which is what I call the old house’s mysterious nooks and crannies!  The attic is the proverbial quintessential attic stuffed to the ceiling with storage, including old paintings by relatives, a couple of which she generously gave me.  She also lent me her laminator so I could make better bookmarks, etc.  Last but not least, I got to make off with frozen turkey leftovers from TG.  Jess and Eric and I sat in the kitchen and talked about our backgrounds and lives.  It turned out to be a very fine and worthwhile day!

One of the gifts was a generous gift card, which I’ve wasted no time spending on most of the basic necessities on my wishlist!

All this time, Avdi and K have been away in PA visiting the other kids for the holidays.  Meanwhile, due to the record-breaking storm across the country, and a systems meltdown, Southwest Airlines completely shut down and canceled most flights for most of the week, so he was stranded along with thousands of other travelers.  Fortunately, he was able to rent a car and is now driving all the way back in one day.

Here is a photo timeline of my Chanukah week.  Most of it was home alone, which I really didn’t mind at all.  My life and role are going to change drastically once all the kids are living here starting this summer, so I’m soaking up all the luxury while I can.




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