When Diaspora Feels Like Home

I’ve lived in a lot of places, but many of them felt like I was the wandering Jew, in exile.  The key is not the literal place itself, or a false sense of security, but in finding your “chosen people” where you feel at home, wherever in the world you find yourself.  This is how it is for me here.

I spent the week laboring to compile all the vital documentation necessary for applying to various gov departments and services.  Complicated.

*I got my temporary driver license, with a horrifying mugshot to wake the dead;

*registered to vote at the same time, instantaneously;

*qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program to help pay for internet (thanks Pres. Biden!);

*compiled and submitted all my docs for Medicaid with a lot of help from my son’s printer/scanner–now I just wait in suspense;

*did most of my changes of address for businesses (I do not recommend trying to do any business with the Credit Bureaus, especially the evil Equifax);

*paid bills, with miraculously some money left over;

*tried to get tech support for my crappy phone (no luck);

*discovered Global Foods Market, a mecca of international foods, with the help of my Gdaughter J. and her partner C.–I was ready to move in!  Got my avakaya (mango) pickle fix!

…and a shit ton of other Misc.  Exhausting, but productive.  I think I earned my Shabbat.  Speaking of which, I spent another pleasant erev at my son’s, with J&C cooking up the usual fabulous storm of food, including a gorgeous, perfect challah.  I even contributed a side dish, my first here.   Hey, one of these days, I may even finally get to the part where I promised to work on Avdi’s and Jess’s gardens!  It’s coming soon!

Meanwhile, I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian food from scratch–it smells very S. Indian in here–and finally getting some books on the shelves.  That’s when you know you’re home, when books and cooking appear.  My son is already lending me books I’ve been wanting to read.  Now I can!

Pictured: my first official drink in my apt.; flowers from Avdi’s garden (so many beautiful natives!); GD J. making challah (really fast); Shabbat candles (lit by The Maternal Unit); books!; and an eggplant (the long lavender kind) curry with hand-ground/roasted spices, fresh-dried curry leaves, coconut, onions, garlic, ginger root, peppers, etc., with basmati rice.



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