The Daily Adventure

This is Sunday Beer and Badminton (B&B), another fine and worthwhile tradition at Avdi’s.  They do the Bad, I guard the Beer.  I am The Maternal Unit.  They do have a lot of nice craft beers here in STL.  I got to meet more nice friends, plus hang out with my Gdaughter and partner.

Jess was kind enough to hang my paintings on my walls (not my forté), a couple of which were painted by her and her grandmother.  Now my apartment is a mini-gallery.

Today I printed out some paperwork at Avdi’s for the DMV, so I can go get my license and register to vote, my first priority on a long list.  One step at a time.

Then four of us went to Maypop (common name of Passiflora, passionflower, a native), a lovely café and garden center.  They have natives, perennials, annuals, and tropicals.  I was in Hort heaven.  You know me, soon I was talking shop and helping set up fallen umbrellas and plants on this extremely windy pre-fall day.  I bought half a dozen herbs, which are now on what passes for my patio.  Gotta start somewhere.  (Now all I need is food to put them on!)

Now I’ve got the patio door and window open to let fresh air in, something I really missed for years.  Welp, back to work unpacking.

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