Rain-Gardening with Stoney Creek Natives

Today we went plant-shopping at one of my favorite garden centers, Stoney Creek.  We loaded up on natives and perennials.  Some of the 250 (!) muscovy ducks were strutting around in the light rain.  Then I planted most of the plants in the pouring rain, my favorite gardening weather.  It combines work with taking a shower, convenient.

I forgot to mention the other day, I “installed” a “pond”!  OK, I stuck a kiddie pool in the backyard, and “naturalized” it a little.  Instant pond!  I’m hoping it will attract more wildlife.  (Probably mostly me–a water creature.)

I’m leaving political commentary to more qualified experts.  It’s too sad out there to even find words, let alone answers.  So I’ll let nature speak for itself.  I know it keeps me sane..ish.  Maybe if world leaders were all gardeners and nature-lovers first of all, they’d come to their senses.


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