Flowers for the Innocent Dead

At Charleston Falls Preserve on Monday, the streams and wetlands were deep and the falls were cascading after all the rain.  The next phase of native wildflowers and trees blooming was beginning.  I’m not even going to attempt to identify them all.

We observed masses of false solomon’s seal (with a cluster of white flowers at the tip) and a glimpse of true solomon’s seal (with whitish bells dangling underneath). The locust trees around the deep pond were displaying gorgeous white flower clusters.  The meadow fields were full of various milkweeds and other large, unique plants that I can’t identify.  The woods were decorated with wild rose and berry blossoms. and the forest floor was still covered with mayapple and wild ginger, helped along by the unusually cool, wet spring.  We were joined by a rabbit on the path.

I’m acutely aware that yet another horrific gun violence atrocity contrasts so awfully with peaceful nature posts, so without further blather, I dedicate these flowers to the too many innocent dead.


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