I’m happy to live in a neighborhood full of immigrants, people of color, old and young, and mixed families.  There are Black Lives Matter signs and LGBTQ flags here and there.  The neighbors are playing old school R&B and hip-hop outside, the perfect soundtrack to gardening.  Women and children in African or Muslim attire stroll by.  The other day I met a lovely Kenyan lady asking for directions.  It’s what America is all about, or should be.  It’s natural and organic.  It makes me feel more at ease.  Down in TN it was very white and there were nazis at the local BBQ joint.  I didn’t feel at all comfortable there.

Also, the schools here in Ohio already have strict routine security and safety protocols in place, so some disturbed kid with assault rifles can’t just wander in and slaughter people (assuming it was easy to obtain such weapons in the first place).   It tends to do the job without turning schools into penitentiaries with armed guards.  Why they can’t do that in Texas, I don’t know.  Oh that’s right, their elected “leaders” are NRA panderers and think gun control is a liberal political ploy.  Apparently their own children being horrifically gunned down is OK, while a woman’s choice not to bring a child into this world is anti-life.  These hypocrites are nauseating.  Well, ranting won’t change minds, so back to gardening…

Speaking of, here’s what’s happening in the garden.  It’s not as native as I’d like, I admit, but still vibrant and diverse.  Kind of like our country.  It’s all about finding the balance and being adaptable.

Here are E’s latest challot, better than ever.





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