Suspended Animation

It’s that limbo time of year in Ohio, suspended between winter, spring teasers, and anticipation.  Another arctic blast is about to hit, putting on hold any garden plans.  But you know all the buds and seedlings are just waiting in the wings with bated breath for that magic reanimation prompt.  There will be no stopping them then.

In the meantime, this blooming primrose is cheating out on the porch, which is like a big cold frame for hardening things off.  I have all kinds of flowers, greens, and herbs about to germinate.  Also some lilac saplings, our favorite flowering tree.  Every chance I get, I go outside and work on prepping future garden beds, while watching for each new life sign.  I am plainly a verge-of-spring person.

Today I got in a Persian cuisine mood in anticipation of Purim.  I normally refrain from food selfies these days, but I had to make an exception.  This one came out so colorful, with a Persian-style salad featuring fresh greens and herbs I grew on the porch, aromatic spiced chicken, and basmati rice.  It’s all about the presentation!  Coming soon…Hamantaschen.

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