The “Almanac” is Back!

Two days in a row gardening!  It must be spring.  The “Almanac” is back in business.

Yesterday I planted lilacs out front, dug up and potted up some perennial herbs to bring onto the porch to recover from winter mud, and got a small bed ready to turn into a kitchen salad bar.

Today E put edging around it so I could amend it into a raised bed.  Meanwhile, I planted tulips and a primrose out front, and cleaned up the front and side beds somewhat.  And guess what?  My first seeds have germinated on the porch–pak choi!  It’s not much but it’s exciting.  Beyond the back fence, masses of snowdrops are blooming and migrating over to our side..

Also today I attempted to bake some Hamantaschen for Purim.  They came out “the r-word”–can I say that?–but tasted not bad.  I’m really out of practice.

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