Reserve of the Mysteries

One of my favorite parks here, Indian Mound Reserve, is full of remnants and echoes of ancient Native American life, primarily the Adena and Hopewell cultures.

There’s a narrow passage winding between cool green mossy rock walls that feels like a natural spiritual temple.  And there is what must be an old Native American “signal tree” used to mark trails or ceremonial gathering places.  Along the beautiful Massies Creek, canyon, and Cedar Cliff Falls, they’ve built or rebuilt bridges and boardwalks to connect all the fascinating habitats represented.  It was not yet technically spring, but felt like it at 72º, and the first new green flush of woodland natives and mosses was starting to explode.

All that green is a segue to St. Patrick’s Day, which was also Purim as it turns out, (what an appropriate juxtaposition, Catholics vs. Jews!), so here is my nod to a Persian style meal, with an herby frittata and a Shirazi salad, yogurt, pita, and apricots, and of course the obligatory Hamantaschen (in a previous post) for dessert.

Some other miscellaneous new and ongoing business:  E’s new car’s first visit to the cemetery, the full moon, more greens coming up, and Misu enjoying her “new” cabinet on the porch, which E is replacing with a bigger, better one in the kitchen.



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