This winter lasted a lifetime, but all bleak things must come to an end, just like wars and evil perps.

My first cheery spring sign was tufts of snowdrops blooming where I had cleared away brush and debris along the back fence.  Other flowers can’t be far behind.  Lots of birds are gathering and singing.

The first spring in a new place is always full of lovely garden surprises.  Someone else did all the work and you reap the benefits.  Hopefully the same goes for the young couple who bought our TN house.

The last two days have been in the 70s, so I officially got to work in the garden, turning the compost, raking out some winter debris, sorting garden stuff on the porch, and preparing peat pots to be seeded with spring greens and flowers.

Meanwhile, indoors, E took down the dark, dreary gray drapes from the sliding doors to the porch, and replaced them with these light, airy panels, which she sewed together.  It looks so much brighter, and you can see the trees and bushes swaying in the wind through them.

Putin continues to be a crazy jerk bringing destruction upon Ukraine, but just like winter and trump, I know his days are numbered.


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