Even this Aquarian has a hard time appreciating water in its frozen forms.  We’re still surrounded by blinding snow and ice, with no thaw(or plow trucks) in sight.  The trash collectors couldn’t even brave it this week.

I feel like a popsicle in suspended animation.  I don’t need a weather-groundhog to know which way the arctic wind blows.  “Milltown Mel” actually dropped dead before his forecast–no doubt from shock or freezing to death.

And yet–this crazy robin has been perching in the hawthorn (?) tree out front–does s/he know something we don’t, or is it brain freeze?  And my frosty salad bar on the freezing porch somehow manages to thaw now and then.

The good news is, I’ve started reading again, making up for lost time by devouring books I buy used at our local indie bookstore.  Trying to keep my own brain freeze at bay.


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