Deeper Freeze

We may have dodged the worst of these winter storms, but what we got was fairly formidable–a thick layer of frozen sleet, then snow for what seems like days, with temps sinking into single digits and a wind chill of negatives.

Wouldn’t you know it, we had to drive to a medical appointment at the crack of dawn, scheduled a while back.  Fortunately, not many people were on the roads, including snowplows, and some cars had gone off-roading into snowdrifts, so we were able to safely test-drive the new Subaru in deep icy snow.  We made it, unlike many of the staff and patients.  Long story short, we finally got our eyes checked and eyeglasses prescribed, before we lose our sight altogether and can’t drive at all!  And yay, we don’t need any surgery…yet!

Here are some icy scenes from last night and this morning.  The fenced-in area is Wright-Patterson AFB, with huge  military aircraft parked near hangars.  Later, a nice neighbor came by with his big snow machine and insisted on clearing our driveway and sidewalks for free.  We were appreciative.


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