The fact that this post features mundane non-eventful accomplishments demonstrates that we are finally moving past the uprooting and unsettling aspects, and getting to the simply living stage.

Exhibit #1 is E’s first Challah-baking back in Ohio, and it’s better than ever.  And here are a cabinet and hinged shelf she made for the tiny laundry area, to make it more functional.  It doesn’t get more domesticated than that!

Here are some (nonnative, gasp) perennials blooming in the garden.  And here’s Misu lounging with The Skullies and her security incense bag (?!) in my office.

Last but not least, the moment you haven’t been waiting for–some rooms not in a state of chaos–but not staged either!  Pretty self-explanatory.

Misu can be seen presiding over her own personal “conservatory”.  She is a very finicky mistress.  You can tell who cracks the whip in this household.  She is also a ferocious watch-cat!


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