Indian Mound Reserve on Indigenous Day

We had another “reunion” today.  And this time I remembered to bring my camera!

It’s been like four years since we’ve been to Indian Mound Reserve, and what a difference our absence made!  Once again COVID had its upside, in that people had time to improve parks and visit them.  We found new and repaired bridges over the gorge, new boardwalks, stairways, and handrails, new trails connecting areas, and best of all, the waterfall over Massies Creek is now surrounded by a safe new walkway and overlooks.  The 1800s log cabin restoration has been completed.  Very impressive work.

We didn’t even get to the ancient Indian mound today, there were so many new trails to explore or save for next time.  This may be my new favorite park, after the Fen of course.

The last of the asters and goldenrod were lining the paths, and I even managed to get a photo of a large white puffball, somewhat the worse for wear.



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