Suburban Bedtime Story

Let’s see just how boring I can be without putting myself to sleep!

I mowed the lawn–it’s too easy in a typical suburban micro-yard.  I keep looking for more outdoorsy things to do, and there’s nothing.  Not even plants to photograph, other than these few fall stragglers.  I feel like a caged animal.  At least my evil bird-feeding scheme is starting to pay off.  There are actual birds here now–not many, but it’s a start.

Here we have an aster cultivar, a (nativar) chokeberry leaf, oak leaves turning, and my new bluebird house, awaiting house hunters.

Can’t complain.  I have a roof over my head (a new one at that, not the leaky one), and we can pay the bills, more than many folks can do.  And having a yard devoid of nature forces me to look closer and appreciate the tiny things.  And spend less money!  A few well-placed beneficial plants will go a long way here.



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