The Challenge and Benefits of Small Spaces

I’ve been cleaning up the yard and garden beds, such as they are.  I’ve started to clear out some of the huge masses of invasive honeysuckle bushes along the back property line.  I planted some herbs and mixed lettuces and greens in a small  kitchen bed.  There’s not much to show yet, and the few flowers still blooming are mostly not native, of course, but I’ve included a few first photos.

I’m hoping to connect with likeminded natives groups and gardeners and do some swapping or buying of native wildflowers and trees.  It’s a minuscule yard, full of typical exotic invasives too numerous to totally eliminate, so I’ll have to be very selective and particular about the few natives I can add in.  At least it’s not a vast, overwhelming space like the last place, and the soil here is actual workable soil, not toxic cement.

The realty company has graciously entrusted me with the landscaping, knowing of my hort background, so even though it’s not our place, I can go ahead and improve it and make it more eco-friendly.  Say no more, and I’m off!



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