Freight Train

This move has proceeded like a speeding freight train.  Amazingly, we just received word of our closing date about a week from now!  That’s fast, and a relief.  We’ve already made our rental car and motel reservations, and will take care of final TN business while there overnight.  That’ll be it for the third world of Tennessee.  It’s no utopia here in Ohio, but it’s already proving to be a relative improvement.  At least it functions better.

We’re still working our way through mountains of boxes, trying to be creative with squeezing it all into smaller spaces.  Did I mention we “downsized”?!  Right.

Here are some initial scenes of setting up shop, including E’s curio cabinet, our first Shabbat of sorts, and Misu’s new hangout.  I even managed to scrounge up some flowers outside.


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