Welcome to the Ohio Chapter

Well, it’s been a long, grueling move, but we made it.  Hundreds (thousands?) of miles of round-trip commutes in a matter of days, loading and unloading, business to take care of (ongoing), all the while waiting on our house closing in TN…it’s been, uh, challenging.  At least we were able to time our trips to avoid the parking lot that is Cincinnati.  The bridge is still shrouded for repairs, and much of the route was a continuous construction site.

Misu was on drugs to relax her, but experienced some unpleasant anxiety-related symptoms at first.  Finally she settled down for the most part, and turned into a zombie.  Here she is being a doped-up stoner, poor thing!  All things considered, she was a real trooper, considering how traumatic and alien it all was for her.

Having finally gotten some sleep, we’re setting up shop.  This place needs some serious work, but it’s livable, and has two (2!) bathrooms and two (2!) offices, one for each of us!  Though I think Misu has appropriated mine.  Here she is going crazy over my incense bag, for some reason.

She has inspected and approved all the rooms and kitty amenities.  She especially likes the enclosed sunroom i.e her playroom, and the garage of the mysteries.  So many caves to explore!



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