State of Bureaucracy

Ohio BMV OMG!!!  So exhausting.  Not lines, but having to go back three times with the proper official approved documents, so much bureaucracy!  It took hours to get it right.  Good thing we just happen to live down the street.  Expensive, too.

Next we went to the PO to find out where the hell our mail has gone.  The official change of address and date had been confirmed, but apparently our carrier didn’t get the memo, so it’s lost in limbo somewhere.

Then we set up our new credit union account.  That went more smoothly, though once again we had to go get more info and come back to complete the transaction.  So another hour or two of that.  We “unwound” by buying supplies at BB&B.

Tomorrow we have to go to Social Security and sort out all our various Ohio business there.  Hopefully it will proceed without a hitch.

I haven’t been home long enough to grab many photos, and the “wildlife” is pretty sparse around here.  Here’s Misu relaxing with “Skully” in my office, and a cute mantis on a trash bin.




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