Holding Circling Pattern

Still waiting…there’s a routine termite inspection today, other formalities and business to wait on, until the big moving day in less than two weeks.  We’re literally living out of boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  Our agent looked at a closet stacked to the ceiling with boxes and quipped, “You call this downsizing?!”  At least the uncertainty of showing and selling is behind us, in record-breaking time no less.

Hopefully the reserved moving truck transaction will proceed without a hitch, no pun intended.  It’s hard to tell around here, where services are never guaranteed or reliable in normal times, only more so during the pandemic.  Tennessee’s response to COVID has been almost nonexistent, especially now when the variant spread is surging, so add risk of exposure to the list of unknowns.  All we can do is push ahead and hope to live through it!

Unconcerned with human foibles, the flower garden keeps on getting better, and the tomato patch keeps on exploding with tomatoes and peppers.  Even after dumping mountains of them on our neighbors, and filling the freezer, they just keep coming.  There are unripe passionfruit all over the massive vines, which I’ll never get to pick, but someone might.  Not that I’m complaining.  It’s gratifying to have finally wrested something from this concrete ground, and so abundantly, finally, at the end.  A fitting sendoff.  Think what I could do with actual soil.




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