Eye of the Whirlwind

Now we’re in pending mode, waiting to find out how the appraisal goes, and what happens next.  It’s like the eye of the storm; after the whirlwind, it’s deceptively non-eventful, but not for long.  We’ve had plenty to occupy ourselves, what with packing, mowing, and taking care of business.  Soon this chapter will be over.

I think I’m pretty much over this garden, as well.  I’ll miss it, but I know the next owners will appreciate it, and I won’t miss all the work of maintaining it.  I’m still enjoying it on borrowed time as it were, but with detachment.  Still, I’m gratified to see my one milkweed in the “prairie” flowering for the first time, and all the goldenrod starting to bloom.  It will put on a late summer show, with or without us.

I’m also glad to finally see some butterflies on all my cutting flowers, after their mysterious absence.  Pollinators and goldfinches are enjoying the sunflowers, and the passionflowers are covered with bumblebees.  I know they will get to carry on here after I’m gone.

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