An Offer in One Day, and Fen Photos

Unheard of!  In one day, we had an excellent offer, which we grabbed!  This never happens, except in this housing market caused by the pandemic.  But it works for us.  The sale is in pending mode now, awaiting finalizing business.  No more showings, or solitary confinement for Misu, or killing time waiting in suspense.  We’re still sort of in shock at the speed.

Not only that, but the buyers are perfect.  They were sold partly by all the landscape work (they want to garden!), which is a big relief. They were impressed by the well-maintained house, and the location, just right for their needs.  All our efforts paid off and didn’t go to waste.  Now, if our good neighbors can manage to buy their house before their landlord sells, everyone will be happy.

And now finally, the promised Fen photos, thanks to my tech support son.

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