Well that was fun NOT.  But the final outcome will be worth the “ordeal” we (mostly Misu) went through yesterday.

We had house showings back-to-back all day and evening.  Which is highly unusual, but not during the pandemic, when housing is scarce, prices are hugely inflated, and people are grabbing up homes wherever they can find them.  Misu couldn’t be left in the house all that time, even caged, for reasons, so we had to lock her in her cage in the warm shed for the duration, not ideal.  Meanwhile, we had to wander around boring stores for hours, and just when we thought it was over, more showings would post!  But as I said, the goal of selling sooner outweighs the discomfort and inconvenience.  Our agent Tracy  is awesome.  And even Misu did surprisingly well out in the hot, dark shed.

The upshot (and upside) is that one day later, we may have an offer!  If it’s even near what our agent listed it for, we’ll be able to pay everything off and still have some left.  We’re waiting nervously to find out if in fact this chapter will resolve earlier than expected, and we can move ahead on the next phase.  It would certainly simplify matters and relieve some uncertainty and expense, as we’re temporarily paying for two homes, utilities, etc.

WP is being glitchy right now, so I’ll try to post more later, including those Fen photos I mentioned.








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