Are We There Yet Part 1

Where’ve we been, you don’t ask?  Well, for starters, to Ohio and back with our first load of stuff, and our first time seeing the house.  We got our internet, water, etc. set up, dropped off paperwork at the realty office, and arranged for their contractors to repair some major concerns.  Ah, the convenience of other people fixing stuff!  As expected, they were much more accommodating and expeditious about the repairs than anyone in TN ever was.  The house is bigger than our present one, but with a much more manageable (i.e. tiny) yard.  Of course I already have evil plans for it, pending approval of course.

The round trip was smooth and uneventful, other than an even worse traffic jam than usual at the Cinci bridge.  Already an ancient infrastructure nightmare, it seems there was an explosion and fire on it recently, and it was draped in spooky shrouds over the construction site.  Now it’s like a surreal tunnel.  I’ve included some photos both ways.  I had plenty of time to snap them, as it was a long parking lot.

We did take a break and make a long-overdue pilgrimage to Siebenthaler Fen, one of our favorite parks in OH.  It’s a combination of wetlands and prairie, which is typical of that part of Ohio.  It has grown up dramatically since our last visit, making the boardwalk a stunning green tunnel.  It was like a family reunion.  We even saw baby turtles, which is a good sign.  I’ll include some photos of some favorite native wildflowers and trees in the next post.

Once back in TN, it was time to clean up for the professional staging photos and vids, including a drone!  They made our humble place look like an estate!  Then our RE agent Tracy officially listed it and put up the signs.  Then we waited for the showings to start coming in.

Which they did with a vengeance!  I suspected it would be fast, but this was furious!  Today we’ve had nonstop showings lined up, wherein we left Misu in her cage and vacated for the duration.  Apparently Misu was beyond not amused, like a crazed maniac trying to escape prison, tearing everything up within reach.  I had to put her (in the cage) out in the shed for hours of back-to-back showings all evening.  Poor thing, but it will all be worthwhile.  We could get more than double what we paid for the house, thanks to the pandemic, and much sooner than expected.

This is a new learning experience for all of us, so we adapt and modify our techniques accordingly.  Today we learned don’t bother cooking a meal in between showings, just make sandwiches!  At least we’re able to take care of business while evacuated.  It’s an exhausting process, but eventually we’ll get to the other side.




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