Inspection TN Style

Here’s what a TN “termite inspection” consists of:  the guy shows up hours late, bends over in the door of the crawl space, shines his light left and right, and leaves.  He’ll send the “paperwork” on to the parties.  Yep.  Works for us!  Maybe not so much for buyers, but that’s business as usual in TN.  I guess there was nothing to see here.

I will give Ohio that–within hours of filling out the realtor’s form re: house issues needing to be addressed before it’s safe and healthy to move in, all their various contractors started contacting us to arrange their repair work right away.  Yes, there were some concerning infrastructure issues, but they got right on it without hesitation.  One reason we’re moving back there.

We’re still in a holding pattern, waiting for news of the appraisal formality (apparently appraisals are all backed up), and for our scheduled moving day.  Moving trucks are in such short supply right now that we took what we could get months ahead.  I’m trying to think of any possible preps I may have neglected.  I think we’ll be beyond ready when the day finally dawns.

Meanwhile, the COVID Delta variant is raging across America, due to all the stupid/disinformed people refusing to get vaccinated and take precautions.  States like Florida are actually mandating against masking and precautions, while hospitals are again filled to overflowing, and cases and deaths are surging again.  TN is one of the worst holdouts against science.  Denial is dangerous.  It makes moving even more challenging, but all the more necessary.

Back to healthier topics, here are some flowers and pollinators happily carrying on.  I’m especially happy about my one native milkweed blooming in the “prairie”.  It may seem mundane, but it’s an accomplishment for me.  It’s my sneaky stealth way of injecting some science into an ignorant area.



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