Growing GrandKids and Greens

Yesterday found us watching the grandkids while my son got work done.  For the most part it was a successful day, other than the parts where “Nomi” (me) didn’t know the house rules and got it wrong, but it all worked out, and we’re all still on friendly terms.  It’s amazing how kids can be furious at you one minute, then begging you to sleep over the next.  Some of us grownups could stand to learn that trick.

Mostly they swam in their pool, or hung out on the deck with us.  Now if only we had their energy, but that’s what grandparents are for, to let the kids do all the work, and just keep them from killing each other, while we catch our breath.  Later the youngest girl organized a tea/coffee party for all of us.  Not too shabby of a job description.

For some reason (?) today I’m feeling more run down than usual, but I did manage to harvest these mountains of snow peas, chard, and pak choy from our garden, so a simple Asian stir-fry is on the menu.

Erev cheers.

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