Tennessee is so full of strange surprises, it takes some time to acclimate to all the crazy.

If you think your weather is unpredictable, you ain’t seen nothing ’til you’ve lived here.  There is literally no way to predict what will happen.

The so-called healthcare/medical field here has proven to be extremely incompetent and uneducated, from what we’ve experienced so far.  It’s very scary and discouraging, especially for vulnerable individuals.

As I understand it, a Repub/Libertarian wrestler with no experience won the Knox Co. Repub mayoral primary with apparently lots of popular support, and will probably be our next county mayor.  Yes, we have a county and a city mayor, go figure.

Naturally, the Dem city mayor who did so much for  Knoxville faced a lot of Repub backlash, and her term is ending.  Unlike the weather, we can predict with some certainty that this brief moment of growth and progress will probably suffer a setback and relapse.

On the brighter side, we keep meeting enlightened young women who get what’s happening and advocate for civil liberties.  Inner Knoxville exhibits a robust entrepreneurial spirit and social consciousness that hopefully won’t give in without a fight.

I want to believe that positive values and actions will ultimately outweigh all the degeneracy.

Here are some new flowers bursting out after yesterday’s unexpected rain, and a beautiful sunset.





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