Wild Frontier News

It’s gotten to where almost everything I read on my news and media feeds is so unbelievably disturbing, it’s demoralizing.

Trump is trying to revoke the last remaining housing assistance available to the working poor, old and young people alike, who worked hard but just couldn’t quite make ends meet due to catastrophic events beyond their control.  These are simple folk who voted for that deceitful thug, but are just now having second thoughts?!  We didn’t, but it affects all of us.  Meanwhile, more billions are being diverted to the military, and to persecuting anyone who isn’t rich and white.

I can’t even follow a friend’s thread without seeing some stupid trumpster spewing vulgar, disgusting, homophobic slurs.  And these are apparently people within the LGBT community, who should know better, and it’s not an isolated occurrence.  This is our country now.  It’s frightening, discouraging, and hard to shake off.

So I stop reading and return to gazing out the window, wishing it wasn’t so risky just going out in our yard.  Normally I’d be out there puttering around for sanity’s sake, but now we’re surrounded by deranged white trash with guns.  I will never take simple things like a secure home of our own for granted in the future!  Evidently nothing is an assured right, whether it’s housing, healthcare, or dignity.  It’s like back to wild frontier days, when guns and thugs determine whether you survive.

I didn’t intend for this to be another rant, but sometimes it’s all just too much, and I have few outlets to diffuse it right now.  I promise it will get better, once we’re out of here and in a more stable situation.  Not that it will be utopia, just more sane, with diversions to shut me up.  That is, if trump doesn’t pull the few remaining buffers we have left out from under us.  Is simply existing too much to ask?  I’m living for the moment when it all comes crashing down on him, and we can get back to making America sane again.

OK, rant over for now.  Here are some local amphibians, courtesy of a herping group.

A young adult Midland Mud Salamander, and a Kentucky Spring Salamander:

Eastern Spadefoot Toad, a rare sighting:

Spring Peepers:

I’m looking forward to personal sightings of my own, in Tennessee.





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