I’ve been delinquent in posting, because yesterday we had a productive afternoon taking our friend Rex shopping for a ceiling fan, and then E installed it, fixed another on his porch, and did other electrical/hardware installations for him.  She’s an expert on such things, while Rex and I just passed tools and parts, and marveled at the miracle.  Just the amazement on his face was reward enough!  (Plus pizza and other refreshments.)

On the way to Lowes, we passed what used to be E’s massive GM plant.  It seemed to go on for miles.  Here are a few glimpses.  It looked scary to me, but she has fond memories of the one place that treated her well.

Rex gave us a tour of his garden, with all the flowers coming up.

Of course I got my plant-and-kitty-fix.  Cally and Sissy jumped right into the empty fan box immediately, and pretty much stayed there, when they weren’t lazing on the bed.

Rex’s is full of still-life photo opps, of which these are just a few.

Lots of fannage going on there.  We’re like a mutual fan society.




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