I found my Passover horseradish root at Kroger today, yippee!  It wasn’t too huge, just right!  Yeah, I’m a little strange.  But when you live in Goyland, every little find is a victory.  They barely know what Jews are around here, other than Fox propaganda.  Needless to say, the Easter candy and junk  take up two whole aisles.

Downstairs, the rednecks-from-hell are apparently arming themselves with an arsenal of serious extreme guns for the apocalypse.  It’s scary just bringing the groceries upstairs.  Please, does anyone know an effective spell for security, protection, and banishing evil rednecks (including the redneck-in-chief)?  I’d be much obliged.  I’d like to be able to just go outside and garden.

Here is some white ranunculus, safely indoors.

I know this blahg tends to be the boring ramblings and rantings of an old hippie.  I realize you, my occasional 2.5 readership, have more consequential things to think about.  Mostly it’s just my therapeutic writing practice, but I think it has a subliminal message: the world sucks, but we sputter on, attempting to live a “normal” consistent life where possible.  I don’t have any inspiring kickass things to share, but maybe just defying and surviving all the challenges is something, to somebody.  That asshole in the WH will not defeat us.  We will resist!

Here is a defiant sheep.  (Appearances are deceiving.)  She’s our newest family member.

Here is a country-style meal E made: breaded sautéed chicken, baked potato wedges, and steamed fresh broccoli.  It was yum.

Obviously this is one of those rambly days.  We live a simple life, and dream of our future home, where we can garden and raise animals, armed militia-free.





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