April Fools All Year

I saw a meme about how current events (i.e. Trump etc.) are more unbelievable than any April Fool’s joke.  What a bunch of stupid fools!  And the folks that enable and believe them are even stupider.  But I state the obvious.  Let’s vote these idiots out starting ASAP.

But on to more cheery topics.  I hereby declare myself to be officially in solidarity with my Sephardic “cousins”  (i.e. the poorer black sheep) for Pesach from here on out.  Ashkenazic background be damned, I’m all about the po’ folks keeping it simple and to the spirit, not the letter.   Y’all.  To tell the truth, I prefer middle eastern food!


I mean, try telling a persecuted Yemenite refugee they have to run right out and buy all the latest expensive rabbinically-approved trendy items for affluent Jewish hipsters.  Not to mention the additional two complete sets of cookware and tableware (Pesach dairy and meat), and even, in some cases, two completely separate kitchens!  Right.  It just doesn’t work that way in reality.

Keeping it simple and affordable seems much more in the spirit of poor slaves escaping with just necessities, and making emergency flatbread rations in the wilderness.  I doubt they had an upscale kosher market to run out to for last minute luxuries that some dusty old rabbi approved.  Much of the developing world still doesn’t, nor would it make sense, when you’re struggling to survive and make ends meet.  Out here in the real world, we’re fortunate just to have food, period.

But I meander.  Cheerier topics, yeah.  Lest you think me a buzzkill, here is some cute local wildlife.


Haha, fooled you!



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