Looking Up

As in, literally looking up at magnificent ancient trees towering over a resplendent autumn forest and rushing river, at Indian Mound.  It was another unseasonably warm day.  Sometimes one gets so used to looking down, one forgets to look up.  Especially when the footing gets tricky and challenging.  OK, now I’m being all metaphorical.  But one day things will be looking up.  After we survive this election, one hopes.

After our pleasant hike, we adjourned to Peifer Orchard to buy a variety of winter squash and apples.  Then on into Yellow Springs proper for some good fair trade Peruvian coffee at the Emporium, to the tune of some old local musicians playing bluegrass and hippie anthems.  (“…This old world keeps spinning round, it’s a wonder tall trees ain’t laying down, there comes a time…”)

Then home to a good craft beer and a homemade curry of homegrown eggplant and peppers, fresh from the garden.  Just po’ folks making the most of what we have, and dreaming of a peaceful, simple life away from here.

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